Featured Story: “The Waiting Game”

Submitted by: Cynthia M Yarde-Kiernan
Deployment from an Army Wife’s Perspective

July43682copy_fbuThe Army calls again, and we sit alone, waiting…for a phone call, IM, email, letter…the last 20 years have seen a great jump in the communication availability for soldiers and their families, but we here at home still wait…for something, anything, from our loved one. I remember the days when a phone call was maybe once in three months, and mail was so slow, I got a handful even after my soldier returned. Nothing like the way we have it today…and I am grateful for the upgrades.

While we wait for communication, there are a number of other waiting games we play…waiting for the day that just began to end, and for the night to finally be over, and for sleep to come…so we can start waiting all over again when we wake up (if we even found the comfort of sleep to begin with).

We wait for the news to tell us what is going on, and we wait for them to let us know there have been no casualties…even though those of us who have done this before know we will know before the news knows…it is still a waiting game that occurs in our minds, whether we like to admit it or not.

And then there is the waiting for the children to finally settle into a routine of waiting…for some of us, it is fur-babies, but they wait as well, and cry at the door, or want to sleep on his pillow…we wait for them to become adjusted, and while they are getting used to the new environment and we wait for own hearts to get used to the quiet and lonliness…counting down to the end of waiting.

We wait for a touch, a hug, a sigh….something that completes the waiting. But even after the wait…we wait for the army call to again…and hope they do not.

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