Father & Son

by: Rachelle Crumbaker

My husband served in the Army from ’85-’93. Fifteen years later he decided to go talk to a recruiter. They were so excited to have a prior servicemember want back in. Our eldest son had spoken to me and was trying to decide whether to go Marines or Army. A week after my husband reenlisted, our son decided he wanted to go talk to the recruiter. He was enlisted and gone to basic a day before he turned 19. We are very proud of both of them!

March 11, 2011 (UPDATE): Just wanted to update this story. Our son is getting ready to go to WLC! He has been transferred to Ft. Campbell, KY and is a part of the 101st, the Screaming Eagles! My husband is getting ready for his second tour, this time to Afghanistan. Thankfully they won’t be on deployment together. Our son won’t have to be deployed until next year, sometime in the fall, and hopefully he won’t have to go any farther than Bagram Air Force Base. Hopefully before that happens he will get his Sergeant rank!

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