Featured Story: A Letter to Remember

SPC Faye Gamez, United States Army National Guard

Our daughter has been deployed to Iraq for 15 months with the National Guard San Antonio, Texas. We now raising our 15 month old granddaughter. She truly misses her mom very much and we try to let her talk to her via internet as much as the time difference will allow. We are very proud of her and all the men and women who are over there defending our freedom. People need to know there are a lot of soliders that are not recieveing any packages. Our men and women of the Armed Forces need our help. We have taken on 13 Soldiers and sending them care packages every two weeks, with needed supplies such as simple things like shampoo, Kool Aide, tooth paste etc. It takes just one person to adoptĀ  one of our soliders and send them needed supplies they need. Just never forget our soliders including the ones that lost their life defending our country. God bless all of you over there and may god keep you safe till we see you again.

Anthony and Lori Gamez.

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