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Submitted by: Merilyn Franz

Independence, Oregon
Granddaughter, daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin and friend of military men and women serving/has served America

My grandson, Josh, a graduate of VA Tech, serves as a first LT. in the Marines and is currently serving in Afghanistan

I received the Blue Star flag today and proudly placed it in my front window. I also received news today that my grandson’s Platoon sergeant took a bullet to the head (outcome pending) and two of my grandson’s men took rounds to their body armor this week, but will survive. Continued prayers for all our armed forces and Josh are so appreciated.

My grandson, Josh, a graduate of VA Tech, serves as a first LT. and currently serves in Afghanistan. My son and Josh’s dad, Mark, retired a couple of years ago after four of his young men died in Afghanistan in the line of duty. Mark served in the capacity of a Navy Seal Commander. When Mark called me in the middle of the night and sobbed for several minutes over the loss of these fine young men, I felt so helpless. Mark turned grey overnight and continues to suffer from the memories of war and the pain that accompanies war.

As a mom and grandmother of those who protect this country, I continue to be grateful to organizations that remember the toll that war takes on families…We live in a small village of a town, in Oregon, and life goes on here with little thought of America’s war…thank you for all you do. Keeping your organization in my prayers…

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