by Mickey Smith
I work for The Mirazon Group in Louisville, KY. We are a small IT consulting firm with about 25 employees. Myself and a co-worker both have sons in the U.S. Marine Corps recently deployed to Afghanistan. During our last company meeting they presented the 2 of us with 3’x5′ Blue Star Flags for our home and have hung a 3’x5′ Blue Star Flag by the main entrance at the office in support of our sons. They have also placed collection boxes in the office for employees to donate items for care packages.

This type of support is just a small example of the type of people I work with, it makes the experience much easier to handle when you have this type of support from the people you work with on a Daily basis.

Thanks to everyone for the support given to all of our Troops; we pray for them and their families daily!

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