Featured Story: Proud and Dedicated

by Cathy Webb

My name is Cathy Webb and I am the wife of a deployed soldier. We have 4 wonderful kids who are going through a real hard time. They are ages 5, 4, 2 and 9 months. Being so little, they do not understand why daddy has to keep going so far away. I try my best to keep them comforted and reassure them it will all be ok, and daddy will be home soon. This is our second deployment and it is incredibly hard on our family, however, there has to be sacrifices made in order to keep our country safe. I take much pride in my husband for all he does for our country. He is a wonderful soldier, husband and father. I will fly my flag to show our pride for him until he is no longer away at war. We are very excited and greatly looking forward to his safe return.

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