Featured Story: Family Affair

Submitted by:
Robin Sanderson

I have twin sons who joined the Army in 2007. Both left a week apart from each other in July for BT – Sean to Ft Benning, GA and Steven to Ft Jackson, SC (same place I did my basic training). They have both been deployed to Iraq and within 13-15 months of being home both deployed to Afghanistan. I currently serve in the NJ Army National Guard and was deployed to Iraq in 2009 where I met up with Steven before he returned to Ft Hood, TX. All 3 of us are scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in 2013. (Heaven help the family!)

I am PROUD of both my sons and currently have a blue 2-star flag hanging in the window upgraded from a one-star flag. I pray everyday for all our soldiers and their well being. GOD BLESS!

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