My Brother, the Hero

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Modisette Watters

Let me start how this all started – my Dad belongs to the National Guard. My brothers both joined two different branches of the service, one in the Navy and the other one in the Army/National Guard. The brother who joined the Navy is no longer in the Navy, however he does have a civilian job at Cherry Point Naval base and is able to provide for his family enough to allow his wife to be a stay at home mom for their 5 children. My other brother is who this story is really about. He was diagnosed when he was 7 years old with Leukemia. He was not expected to live, however the good Lord took care of us and he survived. As time went on, he grew up and joined the Army/National Guard. As the years progressed, he served time in Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait. He returned safe and sound from there – Thank goodness!

As the years flew by, he continued serving. In June 2009, he was up for re-enlistment so he went to re-enlist and the Nevada National Guard turned him away, thanking him for his 24 years of service. He sent this to my parents as we were planning a family reunion in July and now my brothers financial status was in question and could they afford the trip home. However, this meant for sure that with him retiring from the National Guard that meant there was no chance of him going overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Fast forward to November 2009, they held his retirement ceremony. Ten days later just before Thanksgiving, he received papers stating that he is being re-activated under ready reserve. My brother and his wife were stunned! The papers stated that his service would begin in Feb 2010 and would be for 18 months. My brother couldn’t believe this newly married with a little girl who they adopted and a baby girl about to turn 2 (which by the way was a miracle baby cause both he and his wife were told they couldn’t have children of their own) he was now being sent to Texas and his family couldn’t come. We all knew this probably meant he was being deployed. Moving forward to July 2010, My parents belong to the Persian Gulf Support group in Aitkin MN. (they meet every month and every other month they pack boxes to send to the troops)They had been members long before my brother found any of this out so now it meant that this group just became more personal. Well one month the group received letters written from a group of senior citizens at a assisted living facility in Aitkin.

They included one of these letters in each of these boxes. One day my mom called me and told me she had received a letter from my brother but it had come in a long envelope and she had to make a special delivery. I asked her what she meant by a special delivery and she told me that she had gotten 3 letters in that envelope. I said three? What is he trying to do get ahead in letter sending or what? No she said there was a 3 page letter for us, the second letter was addressed to the Persian Gulf Support group and the third letter she had to read to me. She starts out reading this letter addressed to Ruth. He continues in the letter telling him who he is, what he does and that he wanted to thank her for supporting the troops with letter writing and that receiving the boxes were a welcomed treat each month the these kind of letters were what the soldiers really looked forward to. That it meant so much to them to know that other people besides their own families supported what they were doing and that the real heroes were the families back here.

Well you can imagine that by the time my Mom was done reading I was in tears, and her response was think of us we had 3 of these to read. My response to here was, well mom when this all happened a few months ago I was mad and angry about how they could not let him re-enlist and then reactivate under ready reserve but I said now we know why. Only my brother would take the time to sit and write letters to someone totally unknown to him. If he can’t help turn them people and their government around then no one can. moving forward to the special delivery, my mom took this letter into the assisted living facility and located Ruth, She went up to her and explained who she was and what she was doing there besides delivering for meals on wheels (which she volunteers for) and handed her this letter. she then left and before she could get to her car she was approached by the activities coordinator who told her, “I just wanted you to know that whole room in there is hummin!” Ruth had shared her letter with everyone in the room after they had just finished playing bingo so the room was quite full! People write to the solders all the time through different groups and such but no one ever expects to receive a response. My brother is a true hero in my eyes and I would just like to see this story featured so that people know that when you send them letters they really do get read and the soldiers really do appreciate them.

I also would like for Mom, Dad and this group get the recognition they deserve. I am including a photo of my brother who in the beginning was never suppose to live, never suppose to have children, is now a hero in my eyes like every other soldier there! I am so proud to be able to say that’s my brother, MSG Kevin J Pearson. Please feature our story so every one know how IMPORTANT them anonymous letters are.


Modisette Watters, proud sister

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