Featured Story: My Sons, My Heros

— by Gina Brown

My name is Gina Brown. I am a mother to 5 wonderful children. Two daughters and three sons. Two of my boys are currently serving in the United States Army. Justin is currently deployed to Afghanistan and Anthony is currently deployed to Iraq.

My boys are very giving of themselves to go and serve right now especially at a time when we are at war. My boys realized that there were costs involved and sacrifices they would be making. Justin would leave being unable to see his children and be the father he so enjoys being. Justin has two daughters Karley and Casidey; who was born after he deployed. I know it is very hard on Justin to not be here but he calls and tries to be strong and wants to do his duty.

Anthony has always been very patriotic and wanted to be in the military since he was very young boy. He is very family oriented, with strong core values. He knew that he would have to leave all of his family. It was hard to see them make their decisions; and even harder to see them go, but I am very proud of them. They are both very polite, loving and strong young men who love their families and their country very much.

I miss my boys so very much. I think of them every hour of the day. I wonder how they are and what they are doing just like every other parent. I am so very proud of them, and for their service to our country keeping us safe, and protecting our freedoms. God bless you my boys and I will see you soon. I can’t wait to welcome you both home with open arms.

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