Featured Story: Words from a Proud Mother

By Kaci Ayres, proud mother

Christmas of 2008 my son, who had just turned 17 at that time, decided that after break, he was going to talk to a recruiter. Knowing my son and how often he changes his mind, I thought nothing of it. January 5th, he went to the Army recruiter here in town, talked with Sgt. Tabor for a few hours, came home and told me what he had decided to do. It was a mad flurry of activity getting paperwork and documents together, so really, I wasn’t really thinking about what was actually taking place. Only when I was putting him on the bus 5 days later to head to Little Rock to the MEPS station did I realize what had just happened. I signed my baby boy up for a man’s military!!!

February 5th, less than a month later, he was at Fort. Benning, GA. Still hadn’t sunk in yet that my son was now in the US Army. He was stationed at Fort Campbell (HOOAH!!), where my husband was stationed years ago. He is now in Afghanistan, about to turn 19, and I still can’t believe that I signed my baby boy up for the military. Clearly it has done wonders for him..he needed the structure and discipline, and I am so proud I could nearly burst, but in the same breath, I’m terrified and anxious all the time.

I am a proud wife and mother of US Soldiers, daughter of a Marine, sister of an Airman, and niece of a Sailor, Soldier, and Marine. This life is almost excruciating at times, but I wouldn’t want any other life. Thank you Grantham, for honoring my service members and for remembering what they’re sacrificing.

Kaci A.

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