Featured Story: My American Hero, My Love

Submitted by: Cara Mulroy

I met the love of my life, Cpl Patrick Sheiffele, while in nursing school in Washington, DC. Patrick was stationed at 8th & I Marine Corps Barracks, Washington for two and a half years there. We met one night after he marched in the Friday Night Marine Corps parade, and it was love at first sight. Needless to say, from the moment our eyes met, we were inseperable. On 4th of July weekend last year, we spent the holiday in Annapolis, Maryland on the waterfront. We decided to walk around town after lunch, when a beautiful blue dress in the window of a boutique caught my eye. Patrick saw me looking at the dress and brought me into the boutique to try it on. I fell in love with the dress, but not the price tag! Patrick encouraged me to buy the dress, but I could never have afforded it. Later on that week, after getting out of a long and tiring 12 hour shift in the hospital, Patrick picked me up from work (as he always did). He held my hand as we walked up the steps leading to our apartment door. As soon as I opened to door, the blue dress was hanging in the window overlooking our terrace. There was also a two page note that Patrick had written to me about how his life had changed since he met me. I was in tears, but not over the fact that I now owned this gorgeous dress, but the heart that I am so blessed to share with Patrick. Patrick was transferred to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina a few months ago. He received his orders for Afghanistan and left just last month. I traveled down to North Carolina to see him off. Before getting onto the bus to leave for his mission, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The dress is a symbol of the type of man that my fiance is: beautiful and loyal. I will hang the blue star flag in the same window where the blue dress was waiting for me. Only this time, I’ll be the one waiting for Patrick to get out of work!

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