Blue Star Flag Story: Who Gets the Flag?

by: CWO3 Kerstin Elledge

I didn’t know who to begin with – for a flag to be sent to, here is why…

Dad, Robert Allen = AF 20 yrs, retiring as a MSgt, served in Vietnam.

Son, Krisjand Rothweiler = Army Capt 7 years, 2 tours Iraq and now in AF. His wife, Patricia, of 2 years (Jul08, no military background) has spent more time apart than with him and continues to support him enthusiatically. While on TDY, visited her in Germany, where they are stationed, and watched her as she filled box after box (never one not sitting on the table to be stuffed) and send them away. Couldn’t ask for a better daughter (in-law) , she has assimilated herself totally into our military life, and I am extremely proud of her.

Daughter, Ursula Rothweiler = Air Guard SSgt, 6 years, 1 tour MiddleEast, currently Overseas in Europe working on application the Army WO program.

Daughter, Erika Elledge…15…Has grown up with the military every day. In that time, she has had someone in her immediate family on deployment (father Navy Chief- now retired) or in harms way. The last 7 years have been tough on her knowing someone is at war…and this continues for her as her brother is there now, again, and I will be leaving soon.

As you can see, our family has dedicated itself to service to our country, commitment runs deep. I am extremely proud of my children as they continue to serve – by choice.

Thank you for the recognition to our service members, and their families, that continue to march to tune not sung by most Americans.

Wishing all…A Fine Navy Day!
CWO3 K. Elledge
USN (25 years and counting)

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