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First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for what our soldiers do everyday for our freedom and safety, as well as what their loved one’s sacrifice and struggle through back home.

I met my fiance a few weeks before he was due to return on leave and immediately fell in love with him. After only a few phone conversations, we began dating and shortly after became engaged. We will be married in March when he returns on leave. I have always tried to show my support for our troops but I feel it is more important now than ever.

The reason I say this is because his family does not support our relationship and has made that very well known, including some rather demeaning comments, before they stopped talking to both of us all together. They do not believe that he can fall in love at the age of 20. He is now serving in Afghanistan and feels as though he has no one back home but me. He doesn’t even have a best man for our wedding.

The fact that he feels that way makes me want to show him even more support. I want to let him and everyone else know that I am proud of him and always will be and that he has something and someone to come home to.

Receiving the Blue Star Flag to place on my front door helps me to do that even when I am not home. Without the generosity of Grantham University and everyone involved, I would have made one myself. I must add that I am not a crafty person and therefore I feel any flag that I made myself would not have done justice. However, the flag I received is simply wonderful and a great way to show that I love and support him, and him knowing it is there helps him to remember that I am here.

I would like to thank every one involved in making these beautiful flags and mostly those serving and the ones they had to leave back home. My prayers are with you all and from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

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