Blue Star Flag Story: All in the Family

by: Donna Cronenworth
This is such a great service you are doing. I would be so proud to show this flag in my window. My son has just returned from his first tour in Iraq. He is the third generation of Cronenworth’s that has served our country. His grandfather was in WWII and was shot in the stomach during his tour. He passed away before he ever got to meet his grandson. Charlie’s dad served three tours in Iraq. He is so proud of what his dad did. His dad was awarded the Silver Star and CIB for what he did in Iraq. Now Charlie is following in his dad’s and grandfathers foot steps. This was a difficult tour for my son as it is for all people who are serving their country. Charlie was awarded his CIB like his dad during his tour. I am so proud of all of the guys and women who are currently serving their country. It is also hard on the families back home waiting to hear from their love ones. My husband has now been on both sides of the fence, meaning, he was here with me while Charlie was gone. Needless to say it was so hard on him because he knew what Charlie was going through. God Bless our troops and their famililes.


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