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Grantham University Missouri Campus

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Since 1951, Grantham University has contributed to the formal education of thousands of military service members. Today, a significant portion of Grantham University’s student body is comprised of active duty service members and veterans because Grantham University understands their unique need for a college education that is both flexible and portable.

Grantham University’s online degree programs are designed so that service members can complete their coursework when and where it is convenient for them; from home, work, temporary duty stations or anywhere in the world.

85% of Grantham’s students are currently serving or have served in Grantham University’s nation’s military.  In honor of the brave men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, Grantham University offers a military scholarship program for active duty, guard, reserve, veterans and military family members. The Military Scholarship program is designed

to help relieve the financial challenges associated with pursuing your education.  Through the program, qualifying service members are provided a tuition rate of $250.00 per credit hour, and a Textbook and Software Grant that covers the cost of required textbooks and software. If a National Guardsman or reservist receives only 75% Military Tuition Assistance benefits, or $187.50 per credit hour, Grantham University’s Military Scholarship Program for Service Members covers the remaining tuition after TA benefits have been applied, up to $250 per credit hour.

Grantham University’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, professionally relevant degree programs in a continuously changing global society. And with more than 14,348 degree-seeking students, all of whom are attending school online, you can see that Grantham University fulfills its mission daily.

In August 2012, Grantham University honored 1,641 graduates during its annual Commencement Ceremony in Kansas City.  One hundred and seventy-five graduates were present to be recognized for their accomplishments during the ceremony and more than 1,000 family members and guests were in attendance to show their support.

Grantham University expects its students to graduate. As such, the focused efforts of each and every individual  staff and faculty member, on an hourly and daily basis, seek to help the student do so. That is Grantham University’s declared accountability. That is Grantham University’s stated pledge.

Grantham University is uniquely:

  • Affordable: In a world characterized by rising education costs and unprecedented individual student debt levels, we deliver exceptional education at one of the most affordable rates in all of academia. Delivering affordability is not easy, because to maintain academic quality we cannot cut academic or student service corners. So we must execute well and exercise creativity and resourcefulness in all Grantham University’s approaches; measuring, analyzing and holding each other accountable for all that we do.
  • American: Grantham University is extraordinarily and uniquely American in character and approach. We believe in the power of an individual, no matter where their starting point, to become successful and make a difference. We believe in economic freedom and economic responsibility at the personal and national level, as well as personal freedom, personal responsibility and personal accountability at the individual level. Such things are the backbone of the Great American Dream. Grantham  is composed of those who have fought for this dream, protected this dream and achieved this dream. We know very well whom we serve. We ourselves are first-generation college graduates, successful entrepreneurs, veterans of combat, public servants, and those who needed a second chance. We believe in God and Country, the Golden Rule, honesty and integrity, an abiding work ethic, and compassion for those less fortunate. We respect differing opinions and values, and as Americans, we are at the center of a truly global outlook. We respect those who came before us and their efforts to provide a future for us, and we pursue Grantham University’s mission unapologetically, aggressively and proactively. As an organization, we have two historical icons that were selected for their overwhelming impact on all of the values above. They are Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. Both used The US Constitution as their platforms for change, both believed in the power of individuals to make a difference, and both died for their causes while making a difference themselves.
  • Entrepreneurial: Meeting Individuals’ and Society’s Needs, we provide education in useful, productive professions, and we are entrepreneurial, opportunistic and flexible in Grantham University’s selection of programs. There are innumerable opportunities to add value to organizations, their employees and their causes. We work hard to find those opportunities and expediently design programs to help meet their needs. As such, Grantham University’s offerings are dynamic, ebbing and flowing with society’s needs. We are true academic entrepreneurs, squeezing dollars from processes, bootstrapping, conserving and spending wisely, while delivering a high-quality college education and experience. This approach ensures an affordable education and increases the value of Grantham University’s organization for all constituencies.

We are dedicated to providing a life-changing, success-building, relevant, economically rewarding, accessible and affordable education, delivered to as many people as possible.

Grantham University’s daily efforts are focused on supporting you in your quest to build a successful life:

  1. Graduate.
  2. Provide stability for your family.
  3. Achieve your financial, educational and career goals without a lifetime of debt.
  4. Better serve your employer.
  5. If you choose, be a successful entrepreneur in the true American spirit.

Grantham University believes in the potential of every American citizen to make a difference in our country’s future. We concur with documented research that indicates this nation’s economic future rests in the hands of the untapped degree potential of the adult population. As such, we consider it to be the responsibility of higher education to support each individual in degree attainment. For Grantham University, this is not a new found ideal. Rather, it has been Grantham University’s unwavering 60-year. That past, our present, and future all articulate the identical creed:  It is Grantham University’s pledge to purposefully, continuously and passionately work alongside you to help you graduate. Students’ timely progress is Grantham University’s objective and graduation is Grantham University’s goal. As such and without equivocation, we declare in this Constitution that we absolutely expect you to graduate.

Grantham University is commitment to help you succeed!

This is at the forefront of every decision we make. As such, we have created a student progress infrastructure, which is designed specifically for the success of the online adult learner. We are proud that you are an integral part of a university whose mission, commitment, constitution and policies were designed to support and celebrate the richness of your life’s experiences. We know for certain that student progress, both theoretically and in practice, is equally dependent upon both academic success and in the steady, uninterrupted pace through which you progress in a degree program. Let us reiterate Grantham University’s intent: We expect you to graduate. Therefore, we will work persistently to keep you in a consistent pace toward graduation. We expect, therefore, that you will be equally committed to stay the course. In the most honorable and service-minded way, your perseverance to stopping gaps between courses exhibits an admirable dedication: a promise to self and family to graduate for the benefit of your own future and that of the family and nation around you.

As an adult learner with multiple competing demands for your time, life may present obstacles along your educational path. Regardless, Grantham University remains confident that the continuation of your degree program in the midst of challenges is the only way to reach your dreams. You are resilient and we are steadfast in our mission to help you graduate.

It is Grantham University’s mission to change lives through the power of an affordable, relevant and accessible education.

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