and Grantham University Awards Blue Star Flag Scholarship to Army Wife in Missouri

January 6, 2011Grantham University, an online university dedicated to providing educational opportunities to military service men and women for 60 years, announced today that it has awarded its annual Blue Star Flag Scholarship to Army wife and mother, Carrie Murphy, of Waynesville, Mo. The scholarship will cover tuition costs, required textbooks, software, and fees for Mrs. Murphy to earn an undergraduate degree at Grantham.

Mrs. Murphy is married to Army Engineer, Brian, who has served in the military for nine and one-half years. Together, they have three children under the age of five. Mrs. Murphy applied for the Blue Star Flag scholarship because it is important to her to earn a college degree, a dream that she has not pursued until now because she did not want to be a burden on the family’s finances. Read full story >

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