Featured Story: Welcome to the Army, Mom

A Glimpse into the Personal Journey of an Army Mom During the First Year of Her Son’s Career
By Kelly Hutchinson
I’ve read or heard somewhere that “letting go” begins the day your child is born. You want to hold him close to you forever and yet are so very proud of all the “firsts” of letting go – the first baby steps, the first words, the first lost tooth, the first day of school. And so, as a loving parent, you come to terms fairly early with the fact that life is a process. Besides, letting go is healthy. It’s a GOOD thing, as Martha Stewart would say (and no, I’m not a fan). You realize, on some level, that when you’ve done your job as a parent, it is gratifying to watch your child become independent and capable of taking care of himself in this mad, scary world. Notice I did not say it is “easy”, but that it is gratifying.

And so it is that the years fly by. You survive the first scraped knee, the first fight on the playground, the first broken bone, the first trip to the ER for stitches, the first girlfriend, and the first car. So much letting go. Too much to bear at times. But with each “letting go” there is a sense of joy as you watch this young person, your son coming into his own. You savor that sense of joy. Read full story >

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