200,000 Blue Star Flags sent to Military Families since 2006

August 2011 – When Grantham University launched MyBlueStarFlag.com in 2006 we had one mission in mind: to show our support to 200,000 military families and loved ones by providing Blue Star Flags. We’re excited to announce that we just gave away our 200,000th flag!

Grantham University has a rich tradition and history of service to our nation’s service members and veterans. This program not only gave families comfort while their loved ones were deployed, but it also created a solid support network where stories could be shared with each other.

Now that we’ve met our initial goal, it’s time to reflect on what’s next for MyBlueStarFlag.com. Just like many of our service members transitioning home from Iraq and Afghanistan are closing a chapter in their lives and looking to the future; we are too. As of now, the site will no longer be taking requests for flags.

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